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Poverty in Haiti is rampant. Unfortunately children are typically the victims. Parents who don’t have means to care for their children will often choose to give them to an orphanage or to another household so they have fewer mouths to feed. They hope that the child’s new “owner” will properly care for the child, however, this is almost always not the case. Who we minister to are:

  • Families with malnourished children
  • Single mothers with little or no means of support
  • Single pregnant women
  • “At Risk” families and pregnant women, who because of abject poverty, would be most inclined to give up their children to orphanages or to offer them as “house slaves” (known as “restaveks.”)

If you don’t believe you can make a difference or change the world, remember the story of the little boy who after a storm was throwing starfish back into the sea one at a time. To the old man who said he was “wasting his time and not making a difference,” he answered as he threw yet another starfish in the sea, “It made a difference for that one!” Help us change lives… one child and one family at a time! It does make a difference for that one!

By sharing the Good News of the Gospel with these families it helps bring them to understand that their children are a gift to nurture. Help us prevent orphanage placement or child slavery for children such as these. There are so many out there, but we can help one at a time. Families are struggling in Haiti, but they do not have to be left hopeless. There is hope! We can help them conquer circumstances and restore their lives! Please join us in making a huge difference in the lives of people in Haiti.

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Hello everyone, We are asking everyone to pray for a member of one of the families we care for in Haiti as he has electrocuted himself very severely. He is in the hospital. His name is Lucas alias Tika. Thank you!! ... See MoreSee Less

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How is Miss Solange? I saw on my memories that 3 years ago you took her in. Please tell me there is happy news! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello everyone, we want to give you an update on activities in Haiti. All of our families are doing well. The Joseph family is doing good but the mom got into an accident on a motorcycle taxi and continues to need our prayers, the baby girl is growing up and looks beautiful we are blessed to be a part of their lives. The Boulin are also doing very good, Malachi is completely healed from his collar bone complication and mom and baby are doing great. We are considering to work with Rosie Boulin and have a local church we want to joint hands with to help feed the most needy in the community. We are wanting to start with feeding 20 people 2x per month and we'll grow from there. We want to use this platform to spread and teach the Gospel of salvation. We will need funding for food and to get some creole gospel tracks. We will update our website with this and you can check us out for updates or to help with your gifts. Mama and her triplets will be a family who will be helped with this service along with our precious little man who was found by the river side and his caretaker. We are always so grateful for your help and want to renew our thanks to you and your families for allowing us to help the most needy. We are grateful for all of you! ... See MoreSee Less

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To all of you, friends of FFM, please pray for Malachi, our latest newborn baby in Haiti. Malachi has been in the hospital since this morning with his mom Rosilia because of a swelled belly. he also has a displace clavicule (bone in front of body just below neck) from birth and it is painful to him when he is handled so the doctors say they have to correct the problem somehow. Please pray for finances for this sweet and wonderful family of believers. Thank you and may the Lord bless you always. ... See MoreSee Less

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